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    Генеральный партнер РШФ

    При поддержке
    Mariya Muzychuk: It was a difficult game
    IMG 5675Anastasia Karlovich: Mariya, tell us please about the game and how deep was your opening preparation.

    Mariya Muzychuk: It was a difficult game with unbalanced material – three pawns for a piece. I did not expect 11.Ng5 from Natalia, as she never played it before, and I had to recall everything at the board. It took about half an hour, but I think I did not forget anything.

    19.Nh3 was a first new move for me, I only examined 19.Nf3 previously. So I was out of my book, but I think my position was quite good. Three pawns should be enough for a piece.

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