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Deimante Daulyte: "I am sure the tie-break will be tough"
dauliteThe young Lithuanian player came to the press center after making the second draw with Monika Socko. Tomorrow the players will determine the winner on the tie-break.

Anastasia Karlovich: Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear chess fans, let me welcome you in our press center again. And we have the new guest - Daulyte Deimante from Lithuania. She has just made two draws in her match against Monika Socko and my question is how your game of today went for you?

Deimante Daulyte: Yesterday it was a solid game which finished in a draw. But today it was a totally crazy game. When I was playing, at some point I thought I was totally lost. But in a time trouble Monika made a mistake and I managed to escape with a perpetual. So, I am very happy from today’s game.

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