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Marisa Zuriel: "This championship is the most successful for me so far"
Zuriel-ZhaoMarisa Zuriel from Argentina ouplayed one of the strongest Chinese player Zhao Xue in the second game of the match and equalized the score. She answered few question before the tie-break which will determine the winner.

Anastasia Karlovich: Tell us about your performance so far. How is your match going? What happened in yesterday’s game and today’s game as well?

Marisa Zuriel: Yesterday I played with black pieces. We played King’s Indian. It was a hard game. At one point I played innacurately h6 and my opponent got an advantage. Today we played Caro-Can Defence. I tried to play aggressively, for I had nothing to lose. I played 3.f3 and after that the game became very complicated. But to my mind I was playing well. Throughout the whole game there was a tension with tactical lines. I guess I was lucky to have won the game after all.

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