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Tatiana Kosintseva: Whoever withstands the pressure can get to the final
IMG 20150319 204838851 HDRAnastasia Karlovich: Our last guest in the Russian grandmaster Tatiana Kosintseva, who won her match against the Indian Mary Ann Gomes in the Armageddon game. Please, Tatiana, tell us about your tie-break.

Tatiana Kosintseva: What a crazy day it was! I won the first game as Black and had an advantage in the second one. I just needed to find a couple of accurate moves and secure the match victory. However, I started to play badly, gave my opponent chances and lost in the end. This affected my play in the next game, which I lost as well. So I had to make a comeback.

Blitz was the same story - I obtained a promising position, which I should by no means lose, however, I probably failed to adjust to the quicker time control and lost on time. Once again I needed to come back, and once again I was fortunate.

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