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Alexandra Kosteniuk: Hope to play many matches here
 MG 3724The former World Champion Alexnadra Kosteniuk made perhaps the most beautiful move of the fourth day of the championship, which gave her a victory as Black over Shen Yang. After the game Alexandra shared her impressions with the journalists at the press center.

Anastasia Karlovich: Welcome to the press center! Our next guest in Alexandra Kosteniuk. Alexandra, in the first round you defeated Irina Berezina. I know it was long time ago, but let us start from it...

Alexandra Kosteniuk: I won the first game relatively easy, obtaining a winning position already by the move 13. Naturally, it is easier to play the second game when you are in the lead. The game turned a lot more interesting. I played logically up to a certain point, and could even win, according to the computer, but my next sensible-looking move was a mistake. My opponent could make me suffer by sacrificing a piece, but she also missed it. The subsequent game was very sharp, and I won in the mutual time trouble.

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