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Monika Socko and drama in the first round
IMG 2520The grandmaster from Poland advanced to the second round of the World Championship almost by a miracle – however, after that miracle she still had to win two more games!

In the first game of the second round Monika made a draw as Black with Mariya Muzychuk and visited the press-center to tell the journalists about the match against Daimante Daulyte.

Anastasia Karlovich: Our next guest in Monika Socko from Poland. Monika, can you tell us about your dramatic tie-break?

Monika Socko: I had a big advantage in the first rapid game but I lost it and had to win in order to equalize the score. However, in the second game it was hard to find wining chances and I got lost position. My opponent could have checkmated me in one move but blundered her queen instead. I was very lucky! Well, after that crazy finale of the second game my opponent surely realized that she missed a mate in one, and of course it was very hard for her to play as if nothing had happened. And I wasn't nervous at all and played two good and calm games and won the match.

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