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Harika Dronavalli: The will to win
IMG 4706Harika Dronavalli qualified for the third round after eliminating Irina Krush in the rapid games. After the match Harika visited the media room to explain how did she set her mind to win.

Anastasia Karlovich: Welcome to the Press Center of the Women’s World Chess Championship. Our new guest is Harika Dronavalli from India. She has just outplayed Irina Krush of the USA and went on to the next round. Harika, tie breaks seemed to be very tough today.

Harika Dronavalli: Thank you so much for your congratulations. Actually during our classical games, I was always better. Somehow in the end I messed up something and gave her a chance to get a point. It was actually very difficult to start today’s rapid game, for I needed to forget my classical one. I needed to forget all my mistakes I have done. So, it was really tough.

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