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Mariya Muzychuk: Is this really my happy day?!
 MG 5001The young Ukrainian Mariya Muzychuk became the second finalist of the World Championship, defeating Harika Dronavalli 2.5-1.5. Despite visible tiredness she agreed to give an interview to the official site.

Anastasia Karlovich: Mariya, congratulations with getting to the final! Was it a hard day?

Mariya Muzychuk: All my tie-breaks were hard, and not only here. I never have easy tie-breaks! Today it started well, I won the first game as Black and thought it would be easier with White. However, my opponent surprised me with her opening, so I had to trade one of my bishops, spent a lot of time and miscalculated in an unclear position.

– Did you have an advantage at some point during that game?

– I am sure I did, and maybe it was a pretty big advantage, but it is hard to play perfectly when you don't have time.

After the game I was very disappointed because I expected to make at least a draw. That affected my play in the third game. I played rather poorly and in the end blundered 46.Qh8+. It was hopeless for me, but luckily in the end I managed to transpose to a drawn pawn ending.

– What was your first thought when you saw 83.Qe3?

– My first thought was: is this really my happy day?! I knew the resulting position, I knew it was a draw.

 MG 4851

– You won the last game quite convincingly...

– I played White, and Harika surprised me in the opening again, but I don't think she made the right choice because White had the initiative, and it is all that matters under such time control. I got a stable advantage from the start and tried not to spoil it until the end.

– Your sister watched all your games closely today. What did she advise you during the breaks?

– The breaks were very short, about ten minutes, so we could not discuss much. I just asked her opinion about what should I play in the next game and stuff like that.

 MG 4923

– But did you make the final choice?

– Yes, of course. I took her advice into account, but I know better which positions I like and which I do not, etc.

– Tomorrow is a rest day. What are you planning to do?

– I don't know yet. I am incredibly tired right now, did not recuperate after the tie-break. Perhaps tomorrow we'll walk and maybe go up to the mountains. I hope to have a good rest.

 MG 4988

 MG 5010

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