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Carolina Lujan: Trying to be a professional chess player
Carolina LujanAnastasia Karlovich: And once again welcome to the press center! We have a guest from Argentina – Carolina Lujan, who just won a game with White against Alisa Galliamova. How did the game go?

Carolina Lujan: It was very tense. We both had many options, I had to search for the best moves all the time. Now I won and can take a breath, but I am still a bit nervous.

– What was the key moment of the game?

– I didn't like her 19…h6 – after this move Black cannot castle, and White can develop a strong attack on the black king that is stuck in the center. Defending such positions is very difficult, and especially in the time trouble.

– How many times have you participated in the World Championships?

– This is my fourth championship.

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