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Shrook Wafa: It was such a great experience playing against much stronger opponent
Shrook WafaWafa Shook, the young chess player from Egypt, who lost her first round match to one of the strongest players from China, answered the questions at the press-center.

Anastasya Karlovich: Welcome to the Press center of the Women’s World Chess Championship. We are having our new guest Shrook Wafa of Egypt, a chess player from the African Continent. So, my first question is: how did you qualify for the Women’s World Chess Championship?

Shrook Wafa: I was qualified to this championship by taking the first place in the African Women’s Continental Chess Championship 2013.

Anastasya Karlovich: Who were your rivals during that championship? And how many players participated in that Continental event?

Shrook Wafa: My strongest opponents were from my country, Algeria and South Africa. These are the strongest chess countries in Africa. As for the number of participants, I don’t remember exactly, I think about 20-25 players.

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