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Inna Gaponenko: "Koneru ruined my strategy, so I had to improvise"
IMG 2163The Ukrainian player came to the press-center after eliminating her childhood friend.

Anastasia Karlovich: Please let me introduce our next guest – Inna Gaponenko from Ukraine. She just won a very hard-fought game against her compatriot Natalia Zhukova. How did you make it happen, Inna?

Inna Gaponenko: Hello everybody. Playing against Natalia was very hard, of course. When I first saw the pairings for the championship, I was very upset. Natasha is not only my longtime friend, she is also a godmother of my children. Long before the official pairings were published we simulated it ourselves, and it looked like we shouldn't clash. However, a single replacement in the lineup totally rearranged the pairings, and we were forced to play each other.

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