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Alexandra Kosteniuk: "The initiative makes life easier"
IMG 4498The 12th World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk was the first player to advance to the 3rd round after making a rather quick draw with Shen Yang in the second game of their match, which secured her the sufficient score 1.5-0.5.

In the press center Alexandra talked about her game and the visit of the Russian Prime Minister.

Anastasia Karlovich: Good afternoon, dear friends, and welcome to the press center. Please welcome the 12th World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk, who just won her match against Shen Yang from China by drawing the second game. Alexandra, how did your game go?

Alexandra Kosteniuk: It was not easy, though one can hardly get such impression by playing out the game. After the opening I did something wrong and started to dislike my position. Despite spending 40 minutes on my two next moves, I still could not find a proper plan. Fortunately, the position still was roughly equal. I am not so sure about my pawn sacrifice 20.e5, but I decided to go for it as I figured it would be easier to play having the initiative. 27.Rxd7 tactics is also not necessary – Black could hardly make any progress at all.

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