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Olga Girya will learn from her past mistakes
Olga GiryaThe Chess Olympiad champion with the Russian team Olga Girya talks about her first round match with Ekaterina Atalik and discusses the right and wrong ways of spending the day off.

Anastasia Karlovich: Good evening. Our next guest is Olga Girya – the Russian player who defeated Ekaterina Atalik from Turkey with the perfect score and advances to the next round. Our congratulations! Here is my first question: please tell us about the course of the match. It was not easy at all, as far as I understand.

Olga Girya: Yesterday I got a big advantage already in the opening, but later my opponent found the right moment to sacrifice a queen for two pieces, making my technical task rather complicated. It prolonged the game for quite a while, and in the end everything was decided by a lucky tactical shot.

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