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    Pia Cramling: I just forgot that I should play solid
    IMG 5215Pia Cramling eliminated the higher-rated Anna Muzychuk after the tie-breaks and qualified for the Semifinals. FIDE Press Officer interviewed Cramling after the match.

    Anastasia Karlovich: Dear chess friends, we are welcoming Pia Cramling in our press center, who has just outplayed Anna Muzychuk in the tie-breaks. Congratulations, Pia, it was a very interesting tie-break. Please tell us about your rapid games?

    Pia Cramling: In the first game I was very worried. My opponent had better after the opening. She could make strike directly but she played c4, and I made Be6 move, probably I should have taken Bf5 and go Ne6 directly. I let her get the chance to triple on f file. Then afterwards, when I let her take on f7, I think I had a little compensation. I played Rd8, and push my d-pawn and I had a good knight. But of course I was very lucky that I could win. Of course she had a pawn up. But somehow my king was in a game, and I had more time. The game has changed completely.

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