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Zhao Xue: We need to improve team spirit
IMG 5447The last representative of China in this championship defeated Bela Khotenashvili and advanced to the quarterfinals. Zhao Xue appeared in the press center where she impressed the journalists with her fluent English. She analyzed in detail the causes of protracted failure of the Chinese national team in the Chess Olympiads.

Anastasia Karlovich: Our next guest is Zhao Xue of China, who defeated Bela Khotenashvili and went on to the next round. Xue, it was not that easy from the very beginning. Your first game was very tough. Can you tell us about it please?

Zhao Xue: It was very strange starting from the opening. Bela doesn’t play this line, so I tried to play something different from what she plays. I think I was a little worse, but I was lucky, she made some mistakes. I think 15.Kxe4 was not a very good idea.

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