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Final press-conference: Sochi is the right place to play chess!
IMG 6661Arkady Dvorkovich: Thank you, dear players, for you fair, classy, and passionate play! We did our best to create the most comfortable conditions for the players, so that you could demonstrate your competency. I think we achieved our goal. If anything was wrong, don't hesitate to speak about it, and next time we will fix it together with our partners and colleagues.
I would like to express my gratitude to all organizers and sponsors. I am thankful to Gazprom for taking care of the most organizational issues. I hope all our guests had a chance to enjoy mountain sights of this beautiful land, and to visit Olympic facilities of Krasnaya Polyana. It's such a wonderful place! And if you did not have time to do so during the competition, please come for vacation! We are thankful to FIDE for an opportunity to organize such event.

The closing ceremony of the Women's World Championship took place in Sochi

IMG 5965The official closing ceremony of the Women's World Chess Championship took place in SCC Galactica (Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana) on April 6. 64 players from 28 countries competed for the chess crown from March 16 to April 5. In the final match Mariya Muzychuk from Ukraine defeated Natalia Pogonina from Russia (the final score is 2.5-1.5) and became the 15thWorld Champion. 

The closing ceremony was attended by Arkady Dvorkovich, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the FIDE President, Andrey Filatov, the RCF President. The champion and the runner-up received gold and silver medals made by the Adamas Fine Jewelry as well as special cups by the Imperial Porcelain Factory. Harika Dronavalli, who tied for the third place, also received a memorable gift. The players expressed their gratitude to organizers and sponsors for the wonderfully organized event and expressed their hope to see many more tournaments played in Sochi. 

Mariya Muzychuk thanked the organizers and Sochi for a brilliant tournament
wwcc final 14The Ukrainian chess player Mariya Muzychuk, who outplayed Natalia Pogonina in a tense final match of the Women's World Championship, thanked the organizers for providing excellent playing conditions.

During one of the numerous post-match interviews the 15th World Champion said: “I am thankful to FIDE, Russian Chess Federation and Sochi for the wonderfully organized championship. First it was even scary for me, how well everything was organized here, because when a tournament starts so excellently, it usually has a bitter end. Fortunately, my fears were void of foundation.”

The new World Champion's press conference
IMG 20150405 195934865 HDRAnastasia Karlovich: Please welcome Mariya Muzuchuk, who just became the 15th Women's World Champion! Mariya, what do you feel after the last game of the match?

Mariya Muzychuk: Thank you all for your support! I am not sure, because I am still overwhelmed by the game.

– How did the game progress?

– I liked my position in the opening a lot. Natasha started to think already on the move 3. She probably did not expect 3.Nc3. Then she decided to go for a little-known line 5...Bc5 6.Be3 Bb4. I anticipated only the most common 6...Bb6.

– What do you consider to be the critical moments of the game?

– Maybe I should not have played 19.g4. Now I dislike this move, and before it my position was very good.

Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine) becomes the 15th Women's World Chess Champion
IMG 5754In the final match of the World Championship in Sochi she defeated Natalia Pogonina (Russia) 2.5-1.5

The fourth and concluding game of the Women's World Chess Championship took place in SCC Galactica (Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana) on April 5. Three previous games gave the 2-1 lead to Mariya Muzychuk, and she had White in the last game.

The Ukrainian started the game with her favorite move 1.е4. Pogonina also responded with her pet 1…е5. In the Scotch Four Knights Game she tried to avoid the main theory by implementing a weird-looking idea – her bishop came to b4 via c5. The idea is hardly promising by itself, however, it allowed Black to duck the home preparation of her opponent.

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