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Natalia Pogonina: Keep calm and remember nothing!
IMG 4944Natalia Pogonina defeated Marie Sebag on the tie-break and advanced to the Quarterfinals. After a doping test she came to the press center, and her press-conference was longer than usual...

Anastasia Karlovich: Natalia, could you tell us about your games today?

Natalia Pogonina: First of all I would like to mention this was my first tie-break at the World Championships ever. And I am playing my fourth championship.

The first game developed in a relatively quiet way. I got a good position as Black and had enough time on the clock, while Mary was taking a lot of time – it seems she disliked something about her position. She understandably tried hard for a win, but blundered badly when she was very short on time. So there was no real commotion for me in the first game.

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