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Dronavalli Harika: I thought a draw would be ok
IMG 5088Just as the middlegame was becoming sharp, the first game of the quarterfinal match Arabidze - Dronavalli abruptly ended in a draw. After signing the forms, Harika gave a short interview in the press center.

Anastasia Karlovich: Dear chess friends, welcome to the Women’s World Chess Championship press center. Our first guest today is Harika Dronavali who made a draw against Meri Arabidze in the first game of the fourth round. Harika, the game was quite quick today. Tell us what happened in it?

Harika Dronavali: I played with black pieces today. It was Queen’s Gambit ….. exchange. I think that in the end the position was slightly unclear. I thought a draw would be ok. I offered it and she accepted.

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