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How do you trick a boa constrictor
IMG 5092Humpy Koneru's winning streak is over after she lost to Mariya Muzychuk in the first game of the Quarterfinals. It was a bad day for Russian chess fans, since Natalia Pogonina lost as White to Zhao Xue. Grandmaster Evgeny Miroshnichenko brings you the details.

“During the live stream Elisabeth Paehtz and I overlooked the moment when Harika offered her opponent a draw. We were at a loss why Meri keeps thinking, having the only sensible move – 16.Bd3. We began to invent some crazy piece sacrifices, but nothing seemed to work. It turned out the Georgian player was considering a draw offer...

I have mixed feelings about such outcome. On one hand, White's position was promising, and one should not pass on such chances. On the other hand, Meri is not very much into making the most of her White. She made a quick draw in the first round against Elisabeth, also repeating the moves in a better position. Then offered a draw to Victoria Cmilyte in a rook ending with an extra pawn. It looks like Meri is always happy to proceed to the rapid chess stage, which is indeed her strength.

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