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Pia Cramling: The endgame is always so tricky
 MG 4695Today Pia Cramling saved a difficult rook ending being a pawn down to hold the even score and take the match into rapid tie-break. She spoke to FIDE Press Officer about the games with Anna Muzychuk.

Anastasia Karlovich: Dear chess friends, let me welcome you in the press center of the Women’s World Chess Championship. Our guest is Pia Cramling. She has just finished her second game against Anna Muzychuk with a draw. The first game was finished in a draw as well. Pia, please share with us how was this match going for you?

Pia Cramling: Yesterday I think I was a little bit better after the opening. But then at one moment I was not right with my moves. I think it was easy for her. Today I made this blunder in the opening, I played this Re8. Then I could not play normally. When she played Na4, I go c5, c4, d4, she goes e5, and Qe4 threatens h7 and Ra8. So, Re8 is such a mistake in the opening.

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