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Resetting the mindset
 MG 4728 idThe top seed Humpy Koneru is eliminated from the championship after tactical mishap in the rapid games. Natalija Pogonina exceded her own expectations to keep the Russian hopes alive. Pia Cramling continued to terrorize the young stars, knocking-out the 3rd-seed Anna Muzychuk.

Curiously, elo favorites went down in all three tie-breaks of the day. Grandmaster Evgeny Miroshnichenko brings you the details.

Humpy Koneru - Mariya Muzychuk

"It was a weird match to be honest, because in both classical and both rapid games it looked like Koneru is dominating, she was outplaying Masha practically from every position.

But when it came to tactics, meaning in both today's rapids, it was unbelievable. Same as in the first classical game.

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