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Pia Cramling: I am very happy before each next match
21168 468401959973570 1205485606980528021 nPia Cramling was eliminated in the semifinal of the Women's World Championship, but is still happy with her overall performance and the choice of the venue.

With emotions still running high minutes after finishing the tie-break, Pia started talking about the games even before we had a chance to start the recorder.

Pia Cramling: You know, in the first game I made some mistake, and the position immediately became equal. Maybe when she played 9...b6, I should not take on d5, this was my mistake.

Goran Urosevic: Maybe e4 was very ambitious?

Pia Cramling: Perhaps, I don't know. But it’s possible to play 9.e4. Just 9...b6 I have not seen before. So she surprised me and I made mistake.

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