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Natalia Pogonina: One needs very good nerves to endure it
IMG 5543The last Russian participant of the World Championship defeated Pia Cramling on tie-break and will now play in the final match for the chess crown. We met Natalia shortly after her dramatic victory in the second rapid game.

– Natalia, congratulations with advancing to the final match! Could you tell us please how you managed to defeat Pia?

– I did not expect the move order that happened in the first game, and after 9.e4 was playing on my own. I knew the general ideas, but not the concrete lines.

My trainer told me later that she could sacrifice a pawn with a big advantage. I saw that sacrifice, but thought, well, I will consolidate and defend somehow, and a pawn is a pawn... But she didn't go for it, and then there was the move repetition and a draw.

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