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The first round of the Women's World Championship ended in Sochi
R1 finished 1The tie-breaks of the Women's World Chess Championship were played in SCC Galactica (Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana) on March 19. Eleven pairs of players who tied their first round matches 1-1 came today to find out who advances to the next round.

The day started with two-game matches with rapid time control – 25 minutes plus 10 seconds per move. Two of them ended with the perfect 2-0 score – Zhao Xue (China) defeated M. Suriel (Argentina), and S. Melia (Georgia) defeated I. Sukandar (Indonesia).

Three matches ended 1.5-0.5 – M. Muzychuk (Ukraine) won against Yuan Yuanling (Canada), Shen Yang (China) won against A. Kashlinskaya (Russia), and Huang Qian (China) defeated B. Kovanova (Russia).

A true chess tragedy occurred in Daulyte (Lithuania) – Socko (Poland).

Marisa Zuriel: "This championship is the most successful for me so far"
Zuriel-ZhaoMarisa Zuriel from Argentina ouplayed one of the strongest Chinese player Zhao Xue in the second game of the match and equalized the score. She answered few question before the tie-break which will determine the winner.

Anastasia Karlovich: Tell us about your performance so far. How is your match going? What happened in yesterday’s game and today’s game as well?

Marisa Zuriel: Yesterday I played with black pieces. We played King’s Indian. It was a hard game. At one point I played innacurately h6 and my opponent got an advantage. Today we played Caro-Can Defence. I tried to play aggressively, for I had nothing to lose. I played 3.f3 and after that the game became very complicated. But to my mind I was playing well. Throughout the whole game there was a tension with tactical lines. I guess I was lucky to have won the game after all.

Russian Chess Federation English-language website starts up
rshf-eng-versionMoscow, 19 March 2015 – The RCF is today one of the most active sports federations in Russia. It is a member of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and of the National Olympic Committee of Russia.

All major projects for developing and support chess in Russia are implemented under the auspices and on the initiative of the Russian Chess Federation. The best known projects are the “Chess in Museums” programme, the Belaya Ladya (White Rook) Open All-Russian Competition of school teams, the annual All-Russian Children’s Championship, traditional supertournaments to commemorate world champions, charitable projects for children and veterans.

The Russian Chess Federation is supported by partners including major charitable foundations, ministries and departments of the Russian Federation and representatives of Russian business. Chess has always been one of Russia’s favourite sports and the RCF sees its main task as supporting and further developing chess traditions.

The start-up of the English-language version of the website is timed to coincide with the opening of the World Chess Championship among women in Sochi in the next few days, in which chess players from 28 countries will take part.

Sopiko Guramishvili: "Anish is always with me"
IMG 2140The Georgian derby between Sopiko Guramishvili and Lela Javakhishvili ended in a fighting tie – the players exchanged victories. Sopiko, who won the second game, came to the press-center to answer the questions from the media.

Anastasia Karlovich: Dear friends, let me welcome another guest of our press center: it is Sopiko Guramishvili from Georgia. She won her second game against Lela Javakhishvili and equalized the score. And my first question is how difficult it was to play against your compatriot. What happened in your previous game and today’s game as well.

Sopiko Guramishvili: First of all, hello everyone and thank you for your support. Well, it was very funny. I did not expect to play against her. But when I saw the pairings, it seemed really funny: I meet another Georgian in the championship. As for the games, it was quite funny as well, in both games I had (extra) queens. First queen disappointed me. But in the next game, queen was still a queen.

Deimante Daulyte: "I am sure the tie-break will be tough"
dauliteThe young Lithuanian player came to the press center after making the second draw with Monika Socko. Tomorrow the players will determine the winner on the tie-break.

Anastasia Karlovich: Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear chess fans, let me welcome you in our press center again. And we have the new guest - Daulyte Deimante from Lithuania. She has just made two draws in her match against Monika Socko and my question is how your game of today went for you?

Deimante Daulyte: Yesterday it was a solid game which finished in a draw. But today it was a totally crazy game. When I was playing, at some point I thought I was totally lost. But in a time trouble Monika made a mistake and I managed to escape with a perpetual. So, I am very happy from today’s game.

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