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Harika Dronavalli: The will to win
IMG 4706Harika Dronavalli qualified for the third round after eliminating Irina Krush in the rapid games. After the match Harika visited the media room to explain how did she set her mind to win.

Anastasia Karlovich: Welcome to the Press Center of the Women’s World Chess Championship. Our new guest is Harika Dronavalli from India. She has just outplayed Irina Krush of the USA and went on to the next round. Harika, tie breaks seemed to be very tough today.

Harika Dronavalli: Thank you so much for your congratulations. Actually during our classical games, I was always better. Somehow in the end I messed up something and gave her a chance to get a point. It was actually very difficult to start today’s rapid game, for I needed to forget my classical one. I needed to forget all my mistakes I have done. So, it was really tough.

Mariya Muzychuk: Professionals must absorb losses
IMG 4681The younger of the Muzychuk sisters came to the press center after winning her match with Monika Socko, and shared her impressions from the first two rounds.

Anastasia Karlovich: Dear friends, welcome to the Women's World Chess Championship. Our guest is the Ukrainian player Mariya Muzychuk. She defeated Monika Socko and is first to win a tie-break match today. Mariya, let us start with your first match.

Mariya Muzychuk: The start of the championship was quite tough. My opponent in the first round was the Canadian player of a Chinese origin. I lost the first game despite having a completely winning position, because I made a single inaccurate move in the time trouble. I just miscalculated and made a losing move, unfortunately.

Five players advance to the 3rd Round after the tie-breaks
IMG 4624The tie-breaks of the Women's World Chess Championship in SCC Galactica (Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana) were played on March 22. Five pairs of players who drew their 2nd Round matches returned to the venue for the quickplay finish.

The tie-breaks started with an unfortunate incident – the ex-World Champion Anna Ushenina (Ukraine) was a couple of minute late to the start of the clocks, and received a loss by default in accordance with the so-called zero tolerance rule (chess players must be present at the board in the beginning of the round). Ushenina was unable to tie the score, despite having the initiative for the entire game. Marie Sebag gradually neutralized White's pressure and successfully defended an endgame without a pawn.

The children days continue at the Women's World Championship
IMG 4661On the concluding day of the 2nd Round the SCC Galactica also hosted a children blitz tournament attended by 40 players from the Sochi Junior Olympic School #11.

As you remember, another group of players from the same school participated in the simul by the Moscow Chess Federation Deputy President Sergey Smagin on March 19.

Before the tournament the children took part in an excursion around the building.

It was a 9-round Swiss event. Alisa Demchenko collected 8 points and took the first place. Daniel Badalian was half a point short. Tigran Panosian finished third.

Alisa Galliamova: Three months is not a break for me!
IMG 5180Alisa Galliamova plays less chess than most other participants of the World Championship, and yet has a very fruitful career with many achievements including two final matches for the World Championship and winning the Russian championships. She came to the press center after a draw with Tatiana Kosintseva, which secured her the seat in the 3rd Roumd.

Anastasia Karlovich: Please welcome Alisa Galliamova, who passed Tatiana Kosintseva and advanced to the third round of the championship! Alisa, let us start with your first round match against Carolina Lujan from Argentina. I know you two already played at the 2006 World Championship. You had quite a tense matches!

Alisa Galliamova: In 2006 I lost the first game and won the second one, however, the tie-break was much easier for me than this time. Actually, I tend to have rough time early in tournaments and often start with losses. Tatiana Kosintseva also had a very difficult tie-break, so we both were very tired, but maybe I looked a bit better in our match.

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