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Dronavalli Harika: I thought a draw would be ok
IMG 5088Just as the middlegame was becoming sharp, the first game of the quarterfinal match Arabidze - Dronavalli abruptly ended in a draw. After signing the forms, Harika gave a short interview in the press center.

Anastasia Karlovich: Dear chess friends, welcome to the Women’s World Chess Championship press center. Our first guest today is Harika Dronavali who made a draw against Meri Arabidze in the first game of the fourth round. Harika, the game was quite quick today. Tell us what happened in it?

Harika Dronavali: I played with black pieces today. It was Queen’s Gambit ….. exchange. I think that in the end the position was slightly unclear. I thought a draw would be ok. I offered it and she accepted.

The third round casualties - Grandmaster Sergey Shipov reports from Sochi
Sergey ShipovThe knock-out format is meant to be cruel. Everybody except one gets eliminated, and the pain of losing often outweighs all previous victories. Only a single player, the champion, avoids the shock.

We lost many excellent players in the third round. Some of them could under different circumstances get to the final. Well, bad luck for them.

Although luck was not a factor in Alisa Galliamova's loss – her opponent proved exceptionally strong! When in such form, Koneru can eliminate many men rated above 2600.

Pavel Tregubov's master class for young chess players
IMG 5029Grandmaster Pavel Tregubov, the European champion in 2000 and the Krasnodar Krai native, held a master class for the students of Sochi's Olympic Sports School #11 in the SCC Galactica on March 25.

We asked Pavel to share his impressions about the students.

“The level of preparation of these children was quite uneven. The strongest of them had good positional understanding and found many interesting ideas during the analysis.

Natalia Pogonina: Keep calm and remember nothing!
IMG 4944Natalia Pogonina defeated Marie Sebag on the tie-break and advanced to the Quarterfinals. After a doping test she came to the press center, and her press-conference was longer than usual...

Anastasia Karlovich: Natalia, could you tell us about your games today?

Natalia Pogonina: First of all I would like to mention this was my first tie-break at the World Championships ever. And I am playing my fourth championship.

The first game developed in a relatively quiet way. I got a good position as Black and had enough time on the clock, while Mary was taking a lot of time – it seems she disliked something about her position. She understandably tried hard for a win, but blundered badly when she was very short on time. So there was no real commotion for me in the first game.

Meri Arabidze: I prefer rapid chess to classical
IMG 4986The young Georgian became the main sensation of the Women's World Championship, advancing to the Quarterfinals after defeating the renowned Viktoria Cmilyte. It is time to get to know Meri Arabidze.

Eteri Kublashvili: Meri, tell us about you: where are you from, when you started playing chess, who is your trainer?

Meri Arabizde: I was born in Samtredia, but now live in Kutaisi. Play chess since I was 6 years old. I am a three-time European champion U10, U12, and U14, and a three-time World Champion – U14, U16, and U18. Alexander Arsenidze is my trainer for the last seven years, and he is helping me at this championship, as well as Khvicha Supatashvili.

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